Arctic Waterless Engine Coolant (Case) - 4 X 3.78L/1USG Jug
  • Arctic Waterless Engine Coolant (Case) - 4 X 3.78L/1USG Jug

Arctic Waterless Coolant Case/4 Jug 3.78L / 1USG


4 Jug x 3.78L / 1 USG Arctic Waterless Engine Coolant for ATV, Cars, Mini Vans, Motorcycle, Pick-up's (Diesel or gas), UTV etc

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Superior Metals Protection and Extreme Low Temperature Tolerance 

Evans Arctic Waterless Engine Coolant prevents corrosion, cavitation, and electrolysis for the lifetime of all types of liquid cooled engines. The formula is stable and will perform, regardless of time or use. Evans Arctic contracts as temperatures drop, protecting engines from freeze-burst damage, even below its minus 60°F (-51°C) freeze point.

Superior Boil-Over Protection and Safer Pressures

The boiling point of Evans Arctic is 375°F (191°C) at atmospheric pressure. Vapor does not build within the system, pressure from vapor does not develop, and coolant will not boil out. High pressure, hot spots, and coolant loss are avoided.

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