The cooling system is one of the most neglected parts of a vehicle

Never need to change your coolant again.

One often neglected task on many cars is the maintenance of the cooling system. In general, Porsche recommends that you flush and clean out your cooling system once every 36 months, or approximately every three years. The reason for this is that old, exhausted coolant can actually cause irreversible damage to your engine components.

A properly maintained cooling system must have a few things in order: adequate supply of coolant, a radiator that acts as a heat exchanger with the outside air, a fan or air flow source, a water pump to keep the coolant circulating, and a thermostat to regulate the engine at its optimum operating temperature. The coolant must also have the correct mixture and chemical compounds to promote heat transfer, protect against freezing, and also inhibit corrosion. You also need to change the coolant before it degrades to the point where it doesn't perform its job adequately.

Reported findings of the U.S Department of Transportation, which states that cooling system failures are the leading cause of mechanical breakdowns on the highway. Not exactly surprising, since proper cooling maintenance is one of the most neglected areas of most cars.

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